Send Automated SMS through the Wildix Switchboard

We developed this product to allow call center managers to send multiple automated sms to a customer list that is easily retrievable from any ODBC data source.

SMS SENDER Acquisition of the user list: SMS Sender allows you to extract data from any ODBC source. Once the extraction is complete, you can start sending SMS via the Wildix gateway, either with a special button, or by setting an automatic sending time. Data collection: the system allows you to send the operations log to a specific e-mail box. This includes .csv files detailing which contacts received the SMS and which did not.

An additional .csv file becomes available, containing the original sheet of the processed records. This allows a comparison between what was read from the database and what was sent.


  • Software running automatically in the background, therefore detectable exclusively by the Windows toolbar icons
  • Connection to any ODBC data source, therefore connectable to any database, provided it is connected with a normal ODBC driver
  • .mdb file (Microsoft Access) included in the installation: the file is preconfigured with all usable fields in the system. Simply enter the Windows ODBC management and add the DNS with a name of your choice – related to the file. Within the application, insert the name given to the ODBC DSN: if the data source is active, it will be possible to see the contents of the table and edit it directly from the program, through the special “SHOW GRID FORM” section
  • Sending information to mailbox; also allowing the configuration of any SMTP server (even if authenticated): SmsSender allows you to send both a copy of all the sms sent to the e-mail box and a summary e-mail of the sent items
  • Scheduled sending option
  • Log mail sending, including all the operations performed
  • .csv file sending as an attachment containing all the contacts with positive sending, and those with failed sending
  • .csv file sending as an attachment with the original reading made in the database before the SMS were sent
  • Verifying e-mail functionality, correct connection to the Wildix PBX and to the ODBC already during the settings configuration phase

UNLIMITED TRIAL VERSION SmsSender is supplied in trial mode without any time limit. Allowed operations: test messages and functionality verification. A text will be added to each message indicating the program is sending SMS in demo mode. Every five text messages sent, the application will be closed. To continue the test, simply restart the application

LICENSE ACTIVATION To activate the license, simply send a request to StarSystem IT. They will insert it into their database. From that moment on, the application will be activated automatically with all the features. StarSystem IT allows you to purchase multiple licenses for the same gateway, and therefore to use multiple applications simultaneously for massive message sending.