Website graphic customization

Graphic customization of Kite contacts on websites

Just click on the Kite, audio or video button with a precise interlocutor or response group of a company.

Wildix Kite is a professional tool, integrated in the Wildix corporate communication system and is fully customizable.

Wildix Kite is a professional tool for customer care service. Wildix Kite is fully integrated into the Wildix telephone system and allows you to access all the features of Wildix Unified Communication (presence status, geolocation, real-time status messages).

With Wildix Kite a customer can make:


Audio call

Video calling

Desktop sharing

File transfer

And you can do it with just one click, free of charge, if you want in a completely anonymous or indicating your identity, in full respect of privacy.

The operator receiving a communication via Wildix Kite can simply manage it, answering the call from any fixed or mobile device, forwarding chat or call to a colleague, recording the conversation, according to the law and other operations.

Integrate the Wildix Kite solution on your website! We are able to customize your site’s contact page in an advanced way.


Installing chat

Integrate Wildix’s Chat solution into your website! We can customize to install on any site or platform this solution giving added value on the configuration of the same on the switchboard.

For example:

Did you know that it is possible in case of non-response to set the sending of an email in order to resume the missed contact on the site? We are… we are here to give you support and advanced solutions to everyday problems.