Emironet chooses our integrations for the most complex PBXs


In collaboration with Emironet we have activated our advanced Wildix integrations for an important trade union organization in Emilia Romagna.

The center in question, which operates on the territory of Emilia Romagna, provides all citizens with the necessary assistance to deal with the tax authorities and the family economic certification systems (ICEF and ISEE) and has an important number of calls to the switchboard on a daily basis.


Advanced integrations applied to Wildix systems

Maximize workflows, evaluate Call Center performance and have control of all call information: StarSystem integrations are the most advanced management and monitoring system for PBXs management and monitoring system for switchboards.

The following integrations have been activated:

  • Call Center Operator Dashboard, for the complete management of incoming calls.
  • Queue Management, a supervision system for Call Center call groups.
  • Statistics section

A service for sending daily reports on missed calls divided into call groups has also been activated in order to keep office/call center managers up to date.


Wildix Dashboard for Inbound Call Center Operator

Given the large volume of calls that trade unions receive every day, the client felt the need for an integration that would allow for optimal management of incoming calls. Our Dashboard integration meets this need, allowing call center operators to fully manage incoming calls.

The interface allows the management of inbound calls, but also of missed calls: we have also included Collaboration, so that all other Wildix features are available.

All the management of inbound calls in a single dashboard: the features are unified with a simple and immediate interface, to allow the customer to manage the switchboard in complete autonomy. Through the Inbound Call Center dashboard the switchboard operator has access to the following operations:

  • Answering, rejecting or putting the call on hold.
  • Forwarding to another colleague or to a conference call (3 or more participants).
  • Optimized management of missed calls: missed calls are added to a list, where they can be retrieved at any time by calling the customer back with a simple click. The list is automatically updated: if a customer calls back and finds an answer, his number disappears from the list of missed calls.

Queue management: our call group supervision system

The “Queue Management” integration was designed to meet the needs of Call Center managers: this advanced monitoring system allows supervisors to check the performance of call groups in real time.

The simple interface, with information clearly arranged, allows supervisors to:

  • select the call groups they wish to monitor
  • get a complete view of the performance of each queue
  • see how many operators are connected and their statistics
  • Immediately identify critical situations
  • organize and reorganize queues, assigning operators to the call groups that need them.

Statistics section

An ad hoc interface has been created for querying the switchboard database and consulting statistics calculated as required by direct customer specifications, filtered by period and type of grouping.

Our application allows to visualize in real time the activities on the switchboard: a function has been activated to send periodic reports to the supervisors, in order to have a detailed report on the state of the Call Center and on the work of its operators.