CEMS: updated operator dashboard

We have been working with CEMS since 2019


CEMS, a specialist medical center in Verona, renews its trust in Starsystem by upgrading the Wildix switchboard missed calls dashboard. With this solution, call management and appointment booking by operators is even more efficient and faster.

CEMS is a large poly facility that receives numerous calls every day, and the workloads of call center operators can become unbearable.

Operator dashboard, for optimal call management

Our integration is the ideal solution for companies that handle a high volume of incoming calls through the PBX and want complete and efficient management. The simple and intuitive interface is specially designed for call center operators, who are often faced with long queues of incoming calls and need to view a complete list to prioritize who to answer.

In fact, with this integration, switchboard operators can easily see all inbound calls, enabling them to better manage priorities and provide fast and effective service.

Inbound call management is simplified through the use of a single dashboard, which unifies all functionality in a simple and straightforward interface. This allows the customer to be in full control of the switchboard independently. The dashboard provides a complete overview of all incoming calls, both to the switchboard and to specific groups, and follows a customizable logic that is agreed with the customer.

We are convinced that the dashboard represents an important step forward in call management for any PBX and allows it to offer its operators an innovative and comprehensive tool.

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Wildix integrations made ad hoc

Our decades of experience with Wildix systems allow us to customize solutions to meet specific customer needs. Learn more about our queue and call management integrations, which optimize workflows by evaluating call center performance and having control over all call-related information.