Wildix integration for Trade: automation for shipment alerting

In collaboration with Telecom Srl, we realized an integration that allows to automate the shipment notice for Trade Srl: it’s one of the first companies in the distribution panorama in Tuscany, specialized in particular in the big distribution, which allows to serve daily all the major wholesalers in the area.

The direct distribution system allows to follow in real time the progress of deliveries and the advanced computer system allows to provide daily any kind of information with any kind of connection.

Wildix integration to automate call signaling with dispatch advice

The Wildix integration we implemented connects with AS400 for the generation and loading of call data files:

  • The necessary information, required for the shipment communication, is extracted
  • A phone call will be generated to the indicated numbers: the customer can confirm the shipment date or ask to be contacted to reschedule it
  • The outcome of the call will be sent to the AS400 management system.

The call will have a dynamic message generated through the Text to Speech (TTS) function: this is an advanced voice synthesis technology for a call automation experience.

At the end of the message an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) will be programmed to confirm receipt of the message or callback request.
The outcome of the calls will then be saved on a file that will be uploaded to the same shared folder so that it can be imported by AS400:
  • Possible busy, wrong or not existing numbers will be indicated.
  • In case of busy, there will be a fixed number of callback attempts, after which the number will be inserted in the outcome file as busy / not reached.
  • The management of callbacks will be managed directly by the customer.


Why are integrations right for me?

Wildix integrations allow you to find advanced solutions to customer problems and requests, optimizing the workflow of your company.

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