Dashboard, wallboard and queue management: De Stefani chooses Wildix integrations

In collaboration with Diginet1, we have created advanced Wildix integrations for De Stefani, a company with 110 years of history, a leading brand and a long-established presence in the Romagna region, with three Mercedes dealerships and a workshop.

The purchase offer is completed with all types of financial and insurance services for individuals or businesses at the best market conditions. To this is added a 360° after-sales service for all cars and work vehicles: the variety of services offered has made it necessary to integrate the Wildix switchboard, given the need to offer a valuable service to its customers.


Advanced Wildix integrations for De Stefani

De Stefani is not a simple dealer: the many services offered to its customers make its internal structure similar to that of a call center.

The integrations we have created allow us to intercept incoming phone calls and automatically route them according to the service required: this allows operators to have specific information even before taking over the call.

Maximize the workflow, evaluate the Call Center performance and have a control of all the call information: the integrations made by StarSystem are the most advanced management and monitoring system for PBX.

Specific integrations have been created and activated for De Stefani:

  • Dashboard for Call Center operator, for the complete management of incoming calls.
  • Wallboard, to view the performance of your operators in real time.
  • Queue Management, a supervision system of the Call Center call groups.
  • Statistics section

Wildix Dashboard for Inbound Call Center Operator

The Dashboard integration allows the operators who answer the Call Center a complete management of incoming calls. The interface allows the management of inbound calls, but also of missed calls, we have also included Collaboration, so as to make available all the other Wildix features

All the management of inbound calls in a single dashboard: the features are unified with a simple and immediate interface, to allow the customer to manage the switchboard in complete autonomy. Through the Inbound Call Center dashboard the switchboard operator has access to the following operations:

  • Answering, rejecting or putting the call on hold.
  • Forwarding to another colleague or to a conference call (3 or more participants).
  • Optimized management of missed calls: missed calls are added to a list, where they can be retrieved at any time by calling the customer back with a simple click. The list is automatically updated: if a customer calls back and finds an answer, his number disappears from the list of missed calls.


Wildix Wallboard for complete call center monitoring and optimization

The Wallboard that we have created allows you to view the performance of your operators in real time. Precise control and easy use of all call information allow you to evaluate the progress and performance of the Call Center, operator by operator, so you can act promptly where needed. The interface is clear and user-friendly with easily identifiable information:

Dynamic operator statistics in real time

  • Number of calls in conversation
  • Total time in conversation
  • Average time in conversation

Call group data

  • Total number of calls
  • Number of available operators
  • Number of operators in conversation


Queue management: our call group supervision system

The “Queue Management” integration has been designed to meet the needs of De Stefani Call Center managers. This advanced monitoring system allows supervisors to check in real time the performance of call groups.

The simple interface, with information clearly arranged, allows supervisors to:

  • select the call groups they wish to monitor
  • get a complete view of the performance of each queue
  • see how many operators are connected and their statistics
  • immediately identify critical situations
  • organize and reorganize queues, assigning operators to the call groups that need them.

Statistics section

An ad hoc interface was created to query the switchboard database and consult statistics calculated as required by direct customer specifications, filtered by period and type of grouping.


De Stefani Spa

Starsystem realized several integrations for our Wildix switchboard, according to the requests of our internal organization that has the typology of a call center.

The idea of our organization was very clear and Starsystem put our requests into action: to find a solution that would divide the various services offered within the switchboard, in order to offer the best possible service to our customers.

I appreciated, in addition to the undisputed professionalism, the extreme availability and courtesy: with Starsystem we started a process during which we perceived how our needs were really listened to and understood, until we got to the realization of a service that met our expectations.


Rita Guerrini
Manager of the Business Development Center - De Stefani Spa