Advanced Call Center Inbound Calls Dashboard

Why is it right for me?

Does your company have intense and heavy workflows? Inbound Call Center Dashboard is the right product for you!

All the management of inbound calls in a single dashboard: the features are unified with a simple and immediate interface, to allow the customer to manage the switchboard with complete autonomy. The dashboard provides all the incoming calls to the switchboard, or to the call group. It follows a specific logic that is – of course – customizable and must be agreed with the customer.
Wildix Collaboration is integrated in the system: it takes care of all the other functionalities that can be operated from the interface. Everything is visible, accessible and does not require the need to open several tabs at the same time.

Who is it designed for?

This Wildix integration is ideal for all companies that work a lot with the PBX and need a complete management of incoming calls. The simple and intuitive interface is designed for operators who answer the call center: the queue of inbound calls can be extremely long and the operator needs to see the complete list and choose which ones to prioritize.

What can you do?

For a company, losing calls can mean missing out on interesting opportunities with possible customers: that’s why it’s essential to recover these contacts.
Through the Inbound Call Center Dashboard you have access to the following operations:
Answer, reject or put the call on hold.
Forward to another colleague or to a conference call (3 or more participants).
Optimized management of missed calls: missed calls are added to a list, where they can be retrieved at any time by calling the customer back with a simple click. The list is automatically updated: if a customer calls back and finds an answer, his number disappears from the list of missed calls.
– Possibility to move calls to a “parking” queue.

When does it meet my needs?

Call centers are a reality with daily needs: integration allows call centers to keep track of all the calls received and to be operational at any time, in an organized way.

Where can I use it?

It is a web platform that does not require installation or a complex infrastructure. It allows a dislocated operativity, in an easy and fast way, wherever you are: from any location of the company or directly from your home, facilitating smart working in periods of quarantine due to health emergency.