Acli Trentine: Personalized dashboard for call center management

logoAcli Trentine Dashboard was created specifically for managing a call center

Our client’s problem was clear: Acli Trentine must manage more than one location at the same time. And, in the case of a calls overload on the switchboard, it can assign more operators to the various user queues.

This is why we created a customized dashboard, which allows them to manage the call center in an advanced and functional way.

The dashboard’s structure is based on the integrated solutions of the Wildix libraries, on several customizable columns. This allows the operator in charge of this kind of operation to manage the queues at will. The advantage is self-explanatory: this kind of management makes it possible to deal with problematic (or at least complex) situations as needed, and therefore allows to provide a specific solution every time.

It is functional, direct and simple: an actual operational controller of the Wildix switchboard.