Advanced interface for “Croce Bianca dell’Alto Adige”


Call management, for a switchboard like that of the White Cross, must be managed as quickly and intuitively as possible. We found this was the most important issue to face the very first time we were contacted by the Associazione Provinciale di Pronto Soccorso Croce Bianca Onlus (a First Aid Association). We have therefore developed an advanced interface, which allows their operators to perfectly manage calls.

The interface works alongside the Wildix Collaboration. It takes advantage of all the features it offers, adding an advanced response group management. The main advantage of the advanced interface: every inbound call getting to the switchboard is available to the operator, who can then decide how to distribute them. The system we designed aims at perfecting calls organization. We developed it following specific requests of the White Cross. StarSystem IT has dealt specifically with management and display.


  • Display and Management of all inbound calls **
  • Custom button panel for quick call management
  • 911 Direct Call button
  • 911 Calls are highlighted (red)
  • Calls management for specific Contact Lists: each List is displayed in a specific color
  • Putting calls in queue
  • Putting calls in a parking queue: this feature allows a shared management of the call
  • Separate display for “parked” calls
  • Missed calls can be easily displayed on the interface
  • ClickToCall option

** Each call can be fully managed directly from the interface. The integration allows:

  • Answer / Hang up
  • Put on hold
  • Forward to a colleague (both with direct and assisted forwarding)
  • Forward to Conference Call (3 or more)
  • Queue
  • Put in “parking” queue
  • Screenshots: