Implementation of Hospital Management Software

THE PROBLEM Our partner Wildix CLT (Turin), needed a software specifically developed for the management of hospital stays.

THE SOFTWARE Our solution allows them to download a list of users the text messages will be sent to/from any ODBC data source. The message is sent through the Wildix gateway, at a set time. There is also the possibility of sending the log of operations to a specific e-mail box. It includes a .csv file detailing the patients who have already received the message, and those who failed to receive it.


  • Automatic software running in the background and therefore detectable exclusively by icons in the Windows toolbar
  • Connection to any ODBC data source and therefore connection to any database or list (XLS, CSV, TXT) provided it is connected to a normal ODBC driver
  • Sending information to mailbox; also allowing the configuration of any SMTP server, even if authenticated
  • Programming the time in which messages are sent
  • Sending a log e-mail including all operations performed, plus an attachment: a CSV file containing clients names, divided in “sent” and “failed”