Unified switchboard 2.0: Acli Servizi Trentino and Patronato Trento

For Acli Servizi Trentino, we have created a portal that optimizes the flow of information and inbound calls on the unified switchboard. This platform was designed to improve the service both from the point of view of users and from the point of view of those who manage this amount of information on a daily basis.

The greatest advantage for the user is authentication – which takes place directly from the Wildix switchboard, and allows access to a confidential information section.

This section – WIKI – is the PLANNER OPERATOR: it provides data on the availability of specialists and of operators assigned to a specific category, in real time. In addition to this, the fundamental TROUBLE TICKET optimizes answers and problem-solving for any requests by assigning them to the right operators.



The new TROUBLE TICKET management service is connected to the Wildix systems. It allows to set up the log of “Tickets” directly on Wildix Collaboration. Now, operators can open a service ticket, and then assign it to a colleague or a specific operator. The system itself manages both ticket statuses and service categories available to the customer. Furthermore, it allows the reassignment of these services to another operator.

Throughout the process, it is possible to add notes, during both the insert phase and the editing phase. All tickets are catalogued. It is a fundamental feature in this kind of processing, since it allows you to never lose sight of the assistance process. Results? Full operational management control, be it an office or a call center.




The integration for Acli Servizi Trentino continued with the creation of an application that allows the customer to log in single employees attendance, in addition to allowing interaction with said employees phone status. It is an intuitive system: the software is connected to the switchboard, which means that the users for whom the timetables will be defined are the same as those already logged on the Wildix Collaboration.

A real-time attendance planner: And now, the greatest advantage presented by this solution. We created an attendance “planner” which tells which employees are in the workplace in real time, depending on the type of activity in which the customer operates. All operators have been divided into categories or departments.

Naturally, this specificity makes it possible to transfer requests directly to the operator that will have to deal with them. The incoming caller reaches the service, the required skill, with precision and speed (and without having to handle slow call retransmissions).