Integration for SIGLA its SUGARCRM platform

siglaOUR CUSTOMER SIGLA CREDIT SRL is a company specialized in financing and personal loans. For over 35 years, their goal has been to offer affordable and responsible credit, to improve its customers quality of life.

THE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE The SIGLA management system was developed by OpenSymbol, one of the best CRM companies in Italy, which develops on the SUGARCRM platform.


  • PBX SWITCHBOARD LOOK-UP: it takes place directly on the SUGAR registry, and it allows to see the customer’s name (if available) on Wildix phones’ displays
  • PREDICTIVE DIALER: Wildix system for automated calls generated by a list of imported customers. It allows, after responding, to redistribute calls directly to the customer’s Call Center
  • INTEGRATION BETWEEN PREDICTIVE DIALER, PBX WILDIX AND SUGAR: designed to make information exchange easier (customer records, open or yet-to-be-opened tickets, leads, etc.) between these systems, the integration makes it possible to automate:
  1. Opening the registry’s pop-ups, tickets or SUGAR customer’s leads, in accordance with the telephone number
  2. Logging the calls’ status (answered, busy, not existing, etc.) through the Predictive Dialer, directly on the SUGAR CRM lists, which allows to optimize callbacks
  • CLICKtoCALL: call integration to manage the flow more easily. ClickToCall is integrated with SUGAR pages. It can recognize every phone numbers automatically, and then call the selected number with a simple click.